This version includes changes to increase API performance under certain circumstances, and a change that requires GeoOp partner accounts to explicitly request access to manage their Child Accounts using the API. 


GeoOp's API Versioning Policy

GeoOp's policy is to keep old versions of the API available for three months after being officially superseded. These version changes are minor in nature and do not require substantial changes to migrate.

The intent of this policy is to give external developers sufficient time to update to the current version of the API, while still providing our API team with the flexibility needed to make continued improvements.

In this case, version 1.1 of our API will be available until 1 January 2016.


Key Changes

New Request Modifier 'flags' parameter - changes 'recordsCount' and introduces 'accountSharing'

The parameter flags (see here) has been introduced to enable features on the API. By including the following parameter values the features below are enabled, multiple parameters should be placed into a comma separated list.

- recordsCount: with this value the full metadata object is returned on the request. This then includes the following values:

- Page: the page number within the set of records that has been returned

- recordsPerPage: the maximum number of records returned in the request

- pagesCount: the recordsPerPage / recordsCount

- recordsCount: all the records identified in the request

- accountSharing: for Partner accounts managing multiple Client accounts this allows requests to authenticate on the parent and operate on the child. For example receive a global Clients list from all accounts that are connected as Partner / Client

Example format:,accountSharing

Note that if the request takes too much time to process, our web server may halt processing. Likewise, responses containing very large amounts of data may take some time to download. Therefore, you may still wish to set your page limit to a value which is smaller than the total possible dataset.

Request Modifier 'page' Changes

The 'page' Request Modifier will default to a record count limit of 200. Refer to here for documentation on syntax. Valid values for recordsPerPage are in the range [1,1000].

Example format:,1000

Client.mobileNumber is now Writeable

The limitation of editing the mobile number of Clients has been removed.